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Intérieur Joaillerie

Guillet & Innocente jewelry offers artisanal know-how in a cozy and warm workshop-boutique, surrounded by Léognan stone walls that match the charm of the glass roofs that make the manufacturing space visible. The customer is offered several services such as repair, maintenance, expertise, transformation, custom manufacturing or creations already produced.

Thus, you will be able to work in collaboration with Michaël Guillet and Amélie Innocente to see the birth of the jewel that makes you dream so much. Compose, imagine, direct the creation of your jewel so that it is unique, choose the color of the precious metal, and the stones that will compose it. The Guillet & Innocente creative craftsmen manufacturers will draw inspiration from your tastes to adapt your request to your budget and bring your ideas to life.

This jewel will accompany you in all the moments of your life and must be intimately linked to its owner. Thus, its production takes on a more personal and sentimental dimension because, even before its production, it already tells a story.

Guillet & Innocente creations are made by hand, according to the traditional know-how and techniques of French jewellery. Submit your creative projects to them, they will give you the best advice on the choice of shapes and precious materials.

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