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Made in France


If the majority of gem mines are not located in France, the true “Made in France” is nevertheless at the heart of the concerns for these two craftsmen. Better than the French product, it is also partly local since the majority of their employees are located in the South-West region. They themselves produce local creations in the middle of the vineyards of the Bordeaux suburbs. For them, it is a question of perpetuating a French knowledge recognized throughout the world and which is unfortunately disappearing in France for the benefit of the industrial Asian market. They thus wish to reaffirm their artisan identity while safeguarding part of the intangible heritage which contributes to the cultural identity of the country. Touched by a social and environmental awareness, the desire to develop art in craftsmanship fits in with them in quality rather than in quantity.


Not an environmentally friendly profession, respecting the environment is nevertheless a major stake for them: it is largely a question of minimizing the impact of their profession, and they thus encourage their customers to recycle the raw materials with which their future jewelry will be built. . It is in this sense that certain creations are colored by this means of a sentimental aura, because the family jewels can participate in a new creation and see the light of day again in another form.

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