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Who are we?


It was after a road-trip in the heart of Australia in search of a Black Opal that Michael Guillet developed a passion for stones and jewelry, carried away by the dreamlike and phantasmagorical designs hidden in the artistic notebooks of Amélie Innocente. . It was then that the eponymous jewelry Guillet and Innocente was born, a close collaboration between the two creators. Their complementarity thus energizes their manufacturing workshop where their styles blend together.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Their tangy creations feature colored stones that are sometimes unknown to the general public, thus offering a wide chromatic range that plays with the different shades of gold. Inspired by flora and fauna, they like to highlight the mineral contrast of the raw materials used with the plant illustrated in a sometimes stylized way.


Guillet et Innocente jewelry offers artisanal know-how in a cozy and warm workshop-boutique, surrounded by the most beautiful Bordeaux vineyards. The client is offered several services but the creators specialize in tailor-made manufacturing, while working as craftsmen to be able to give free rein to their imagination.


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