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Raw materials

We could define jewelry as the art of sublimating gems and pearls using precious metals. Also, the choice of raw materials is part of the selection criteria for Guillet & Innocente jewelry and is a guarantee of quality.

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Today, the choice of jewelry has unfortunately become standardized by the wholesale trade whose products are mass-produced mechanically and industrially, and of which sometimes only polishing or packing is carried out in France in order to obtain the legally "made in France" labeling, which has the unfortunate consequence of demystifying this art of jewels that is the profession of Jewelery.

Similarly and in line with this industrialization, the general public's knowledge of raw materials has also been lost in this race for mass consumption.

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Grenaille Or Bijouterie

Thus, it is important to emphasize that as a Jeweler and Creator-Artisan of Art, the Guillet & Innocente jewelery works only the 18 carat grade, i.e. the 750 / 000th (seven hundred and fifty thousandth) ensuring a majority of gold. fine in the alloy (75%). The rest of the alloy representing 25% of the material will thus give its color to the gold: white, yellow, pink or red ...

The gold used by Guillet & Innocente is either certified RJC (responsible Jewelery Council) or comes from recycled precious waste, which aims to support the conditions for a positive change in the work and extraction of precious minerals. , social, economic and ecological change.


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THE RJC CERTIFICATE: It aims to assess a certain number of principles such as ethics, responsible sourcing and respect for Human Rights. It also monitors working conditions and labor rights. Health, safety and the environment are at the heart of the concerns of the RJC certificate. It aims to attest to responsible mining and the traceability of gold and metals from the platinum mine.


Pierres fines, précieuses, perles et diamants

Also, Guillet & Innocente jewelry strives to offer a wide range of gems unknown to the general public, whether they are part of the four precious stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald) or in the category of semi-precious stones. These jewelers can also go in search of unique stones, at the request of their customers for the realization of particular orders.

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They work closely with a diamond dealer, supplying Place Vendôme and themselves with diamonds certified by the Kimberley process. For other gems, their gemstone dealers roam the world in search of rarity and beauty that you can find boxed inside their workshop.

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Michael and Amélie have a common passion for beautiful jewels and beautiful stones, contemplative of the most beautiful that nature can do. Their creations stage them to occupy a prominent place and assert their exceptional qualities while infusing soul and emotion in their jewelry. They will be able to offer their advice and will be able to present you the gem best suited to your request, while offering a relationship of trust, a privileged moment for your project, and at the same time their expertise on gems.

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To evaluate these gems, it is therefore necessary to assess their specific qualities because each stone is unique: their rarity, their purity, their crystallization and typical inclusions, their volume and their size, which defines their price.

Charte Kimberless

THE KIMBERLEY PROCESS: This is an international agreement whose objective is to prevent the entry of blood and conflict diamonds into the international market, thus avoiding funding military activities and wars.

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