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Creation Process

All creation begins with an idea and a desire, whether it comes from the client, or from the creators themselves; whether it is designed to meet a strictly aesthetic need, or whether it is tinged with an emotional part because it is often designed according to a particular and significant event in life. A tailor-made jewel therefore responds to a desire to own a unique jewel that has an emotional, artistic and artisanal touch.

Structure de collier haute joaillerie

It is in this context that we receive our customers, within our boutique workshop. We only welcome by appointment, so that the space dedicated to the reflection of the project and its creation is more intimate, authentic and confidential; and that this moment be a privileged moment of listening by which will begin the history of the jewel so that it inspires the emotion to the one who will wear it. This meeting will allow the jewelers-creators artisans of art to grasp the personality of the client and his ideas, in order to interpret his desires and offer him a unique piece of jewelry.

Ombrages collier haute joaillerie

This first meeting allows us to identify the demand and the motivations for the creation, which will be tailor-made. Each customer thus participates in the creation of the jewel, so that it is in his image and is at the same time the reflection and the expression of his own personality. This unique experience allows the client to reveal himself in this project that he will lead throughout the creation, choosing the details of the jewel: the shape, the metal and the gems that will compose it. Michaël and Amélie therefore offer support and advice to help the customer in his choices.

Thus, each particular project will be thought out, drawn, then manufactured in our workshop, where the soul of the jewel will swing between the inspiring personality of the client on the one hand and on the other hand with the touch and artistic sensitivity of Michaël Guillet. and Amélie Innocente.

Gouaché et création

It is this process and this exchange that will nourish the final creation, where the imagination is at the service of all expressions of inventiveness and emotion. Ideas give life to the jewel, and it is after a long work of research using preparatory and exploratory sketches that the inspiration first materializes on paper, under the hands of Amélie Innocente.

The preparatory drawing thus makes it possible to get an idea of the final appearance of the jewel and to glimpse its birth, like an ultrasound. This drawing illustrates the future piece of jewelry, and comes to materialize the ideas and inspirations of the designer. It is this design that will serve as a reference throughout the development of the construction of the jewel where rigor and sensitivity are the key words.

Outillage boc fil bijouterie

The design giving a guideline to the production allows from then on a constant exchange between the creative inspiration and the technique of the jewelery. The workshop is thus the place where the birth of the jewel takes shape and where only Physics limits creation. A craft of art and preciousness, the production passes into the experienced hands of the fine art jeweler who makes one by one the elements of the jewel with great care and skill.

The workshop usually kept secret is here, in Léognan, open to the eyes of the customer who can observe this workplace through glass windows.

Soudure bijouterie

This is the place where all the know-how necessary for the elaboration of the jewel is orchestrated: conception / design, casting, manufacture according to traditional and ancestral methods of jewelery, Assembly of the elements of the jewel, Choice of stones / pearls and valuation of precious materials, setting, and finally polishing.

Each step is important and is carried out with precision and know-how.

The drawing thus makes it possible to concretize an idea, the jeweler works on the realization of this idea while enhancing the stones, while the setting consists in sublimating the work of the jeweler and maintaining the stones in the metal, and finally, the polishing ( final step) highlights the metal to reveal the shine of the jewel and the stones.

Polissage bijouterie

The client will thus be offered several meetings which will respond to the following stages: proposal of the design, proposal of the stones, presentation and fitting of the jewel for adjustments before setting in stone, then final delivery.

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